First look at the 2021 Census shows Cairns-North was the standout area for growth

The ABS has started its staged release of 2021 Census data this morning; we will see further releases throughout the rest of this year and into early 2023. There is, obviously, an enormous range of data available from the Census so this first look we have focused on just two …read more

Internal Migration into Regional QLD strong in Q1

Data released this morning by the ABS shows that internal migration into Queensland added a net 7,000 people in the March quarter. This is down from the 17-year high seen in the previous quarter (net +9,763). Over the past 4 quarters Queensland has seen a net increase of 30,785 internal …read more

Taking a closer look at internal migration to QLD’s regions

A few days ago we posted on the December 2020 quarter’s Internal Migration data from the ABS (see here for details) and noted the high number of people moving into QLD’s regions, particularly out of Greater Melbourne and Sydney. This ABS data has only been made available since the June …read more

Queensland regions attracting large numbers of internal migrants through 2020

Data on internal migration for the Dec 2020 quarter shows the trend of strong movement from cities into the regions in 2020 continued across the whole year. Across the nation in the fourth quarter about 10,600 people left the capital cities to move to the regions (this comes on top …read more

Population in the North underperforms

In the year to end June 2020 population in Australia was up 1.3%; with 41% of that increase coming from natural growth and the other 59% from external migration. In Queensland we saw growth of 1.6%; with 34% being accounted for by natural growth, 31% from internal migration and 35% …read more

Internal migration to regional Queensland powers ahead

Data on internal migration for the Sept 2020 quarter shows the trend of strong movement from cities into the regions in 2020 continued apace. Across the nation in the third quarter about 11,200 people left the capital cities to move to the regions (this comes on top of a similar …read more

Participation changes across Queensland

There has been a lot written about the fact that the Participation Rates across Australia fell sharply as the effects of the COVID-19 lock-down took effect. These falls at national, state and regional level had the effect of suppressing the anticipated rises in the unemployment rates. Participation rates, prior to …read more

Population growth in Cairns slows sharply

The ABS release of regional population estimates to June 2019 shows that growth in the Cairns SA4 region has slowed sharply to just 0.75% for the year. This is just half the rate of the Queensland Government’s own forecast (released in early 2019) which saw growth averaging 1.5% in Cairns …read more

The drivers behind Participation changes across QLD

There’s been plenty written about the fact that the Participation Rate across Australia is at, or near, record highs and the effect this has had on suppressing unemployment rate declines, even as employment growth remains reasonable.┬áParticipation rates are so high largely due to significant shifts in the participation of the …read more

Updated impacts on Participation Rates across QLD from demographic and propensity effects

Some months ago we considered the impacts of changes in age and sex demographics within the labour force and the impact this was having on Participation Rates across Queensland. You can read the original post here which outlines the methodology used to split out the Propensity and Demographic Impacts within …read more

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