Jobseekers fall again in May

Continuing the trend that has been in place almost every month since the middle of last year, Jobseeker numbers for May have again dropped. Across the nation the number claiming JobSeeker or Youth Allowance (other) in May fell by about 44,000 from April (-3.7% m/m). Queensland saw a 9,200 decline …read more

Extraordinary jobs report takes unemployment rate back to pre-COVID level

The May labour market data from the ABS has been released this morning and has exceeded even the most bullish of analyst’s forecasts. While employment had been expected to bounce back from a weaker April and be up about 30-31K, the unemployment rate was forecast to remain unchanged around the …read more

Mobility data shows Cairns powering on

The latest Google Mobility data (to 13th June) confirms that the surge seen in Cairns over the Easter holiday period has been sustained. The 7-day average for Cairns now sits at +5.3%, which is 16.3 ppts better than the national figure, 8.5 ppts better than QLD, 12.9 ppts above Brisbane, …read more

Queensland Public Service employment grew more slowly than population in the year to March (finally!)

While yesterday’s focus was on the delivery of the 2021-22 Budget the Queensland Government also quietly slipped out the (delayed) bi-annual release of the Public Service Workforce statistics for March 2021. This showed total headcount within the Public Service rose 1.3% y/y in the face of a 1.6% y/y increase …read more

Domestic tourism continues to power ahead with QLD leading the way

Monthly snapshot data for March from Tourism Research Australia released this morning shows domestic tourism continuing to power ahead with expenditures up 58.3% from a year ago (to $6.04 bn). Queensland is leading the charge with expenditures up 88.5% (to $1.36 bn) while NSW (+67.6%) and Victoria (+34.7%) grew more …read more

Cairns Airport passenger numbers ease in May but the trend remains positive

The Cairns Airport total passenger numbers for May eased a touch from a seasonally very strong March and April (down 1.2% from April). However, as the chart below makes clear, the improving trend is very much in place with the Conus seasonally adjusted series showing a 11.1% increase for the …read more

March Labour Account shows average income growth slowing as labour market supports ease

The ABS have just released the March 2021 quarter Labour Account data series which provides a wealth of information. One thing it allows us to do is take a  look at incomes across various industry sectors and how they have changed in the past 12 months. The data provides us, for …read more

Mobility in Cairns remains high as holiday highs continue

According to Google Mobility data people are still coming into Cairns in large numbers. The area saw a sharp move higher on the back of the Easter and school holidays and that boost is still largely intact. Compared to other tourism regions throughout the State Cairns is also doing very …read more

GDP recovery well on track Q1 +1.8% q/q

The first quarter GDP data released this morning was better than many had been expecting with a 1.8% q/q lift which (after some small upward revisions to previous quarters) takes us to 1.1% up from the same period a year ago. Over the past 4 quarters GDP remains down 2.4%. …read more

Cairns adds employment despite the end of JobKeeper

With the JobKeeper support ending there had been concern that we would see a drop in employment levels in Cairns as businesses still suffering from the loss of international visitors had to let staff go. Although this is early days, and we have only one month of post-JobKeeper data to …read more

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