Inflation falls but not fast enough for RBA to rush to cut rates

The headline CPI for the March quarter fell to 3.6% y/y (from 4.1% in the December quarter). While this is certainly a move in the right direction as far as the RBA are concerned, the fact that the Core measure (which excludes volatile elements within the CPI) is still at …read more

Cairns Trend unemployment at 4.5% after 12 months of employment growth

The run of positive months for employment growth in Cairns has now extended to 12 with March adding another 300. The region has now seen an additional 6,000 people employed in the past year and this month we see (for the first time in a while) that the bulk of …read more

The changing (and rising) face of real estate in Cairns

In the 5 years from mid-2016 median house prices in Cairns went almost precisely nowhere (units rose by about 5%). However, over the same period median rents for houses and units increased by about 23%, opening up a significant gap between the two metrics. In the almost-three years since then …read more

Cairns Trend unemployment rate 4.6%

Last month we reported a slight decline (-100) in the number of Trend employment in Cairns after a run of nine positive months. This month we have seen that decline revised away and we see an additional 600 added to Trend employment and the run of positive months extended to …read more

Passengers from/to Japan hits new highs

The most recent data from BITRE (up to Feb 2024) shows that the number of passengers from and to Japan via Cairns Airport has hit recent highs again…

TC Jasper flood event business survey

The Cairns Regional Council and their Economic Recovery Sub-Committee have contracted Conus Business Consultancy Services to conduct an Economic Impact Assessment (EIA) to determine the impacts of TC Jasper and the subsequent flooding event. The EIA will consider both the Cairns Regional Council Local Government Area as well as the …read more

Cairns and Townsville Trend employment report

For the fifth consecutive month Trend employment in Cairns lifted again in August (+600), although we remain 2.1% down from a year ago. The growth was split between full-time and part-time employment, although full-time employment is still down for the year. Once again most of the full-time gains came from …read more

Real Estate market in Cairns still strong

Despite a string of interest rate hikes that took the Cash Rate from 0.1% to 4.1%, the real estate market in Cairns has remained remarkably robust. In the 7+ years since June 2016 rents for both 3-bed houses and 2-bed units have increased by about 45%, while median prices for …read more

Tourism in the Far North

The data from Cairns Airport for July shows a very solid pick up in both international and domestic passenger numbers. Our Trend estimate suggests that total monthly numbers are now approaching 400,000 which is only 7.5% below pre-COVID levels at this time of year. Most of this shortfall is from …read more

Public Sector employment picks up in Queensland

Data for the May 2023 quarter shows that while Public Sector employment across the nation has remained relatively static over recent quarters, here in Queensland there has been a distinct move up. Since August 2014 Public Sector employment across Australia has grown by 37.8%, far outstripping the Private Sector which …read more

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