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  • Economics
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What We Do

Our primary purpose is to provide you with clarity. Clarity over your business direction, your achievements, your financial position, your greatest challenges and the economic environment that you operate within. This could mean assisting you with strategic planning, assessing the financial health of your business or mentoring you and your team to overcome your challenges and be the best that you can be.
No two businesses are identical and we love that individuality. For that reason we are a client need driven business. Our job is to determine what you need now in order to achieve your goals and then provide you with those services.

Strategic Development

With over 30 years’ joint experience in strategic planning we believe we are great partners for organisations whatever their stage of development. We work with start-ups, established brands, family businesses, not-for-profits and everything in between. Strategic Development includes a range of services designed to provide clarity over your strategic direction and the value that you provide to your customers.

  • Strategic clarity workshops
  • Strategic, Business and Action Plans
  • Business Modelling
  • Financial Reviews
  • Demographic, economic and industry analysis
  • Community consultation and engagement


You need clarity of vision when it comes to understanding the economic environment in which your business operates. Our economics blog is well renowned throughout Queensland as the place to go for Far North Queensland economic indicators and in-depth analysis. Our highly regarded Conus Trend data series provide an unique insight into the economies of regional Queensland. We produce a quarterly bulletin freely available to anyone interested; provide bespoke economic data analysis on request and make frequent appearances at business groups, on radio and in the media.

  • Economics news and commentary via our blog and publications
  • Unique regional Conus Trend data
  • Bespoke economic analysis
  • Economic Impact Assessments
  • Informative and entertaining speakers

Leadership & Mentoring

We provide tailored leadership and mentoring solutions to suit your needs. Being in a key leadership position or running your own business can be very challenging and somewhat lonely. We act as a sounding board for ideas, provide a valuable second opinion and use our diverse international and domestic experiences to brainstorm solutions to your problems.

  • Tailored mentoring programs
  • Non-Executive Directorship mentoring for new and established Board Directors
  • Confidential and accessible support provided remotely and/or in person


As proven leaders in a wide variety of roles, our significant board and committee experience gives us valuable insight into assisting our clients improve their leadership and governance capabilities. We assist with best-practice governance systems, address strategy and risk at a board level and ensure ‘board matters’ are taken care of. We provide board workshops and board reviews to ensure your board is performing to the best of its ability and has the required skills and knowledge.

  • Advisory boards
  • Board workshops
  • Chairmanship and board matters
  • Board protocol
  • Non-Executive Directorship mentoring for new and established Board Directors
  • Risk Management

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