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Our clients vary greatly in type, size, industry and location. We love the fact that we get to deal with such a diverse range of wonderful businesses and organisations.

Commercial Businesses

Our commercial clients encompass a wide range of organisations involved in a number of different industries including agriculture, tourism, construction, retail, financial and commercial services sectors. We often provide strategic direction and support through a variety of methods but also specialise in governance improvement. Over the years we have developed a reputation for offering excellent financial clarity and now provide a core level of financial performance advice to a number of large businesses throughout Australia.

Local Councils

We have extensive experience working on projects for Local Councils. We’ve been involved in assignments as varied as community markets, transport networks, infrastructure improvements and demographic analysis. Working with Councils often involves particular challenges; our understanding of the mechanisms within local government and extensive community contacts make us the ideal choice.

Community Groups

For many years we’ve worked closely with a wide range of community groups, and it’s something we’ve developed quite a feel for. We really enjoy the challenges that community-based work throws up and our results attest to the success we’ve had.

Projects have included planning workshops, strategic plans, business modelling, mentoring and pre-feasibility studies.


Both of us have experience working for not-for-profits on both a pro-bono and commercial basis and have a passion for the work these organisations do in our communities. We’ve also been contracted by not-for- profits to provide services such as strategic planning and business modelling, often at rates well below the commercial level.

Whatever your business type, size or location we are sure that we can help provide clarity. Get in touch to find out how we can help.

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