Google data suggests things have started to improve again

After a period of stagnation in the Google Community Mobility data over recent weeks on the back of the Melbourne lock-down we are starting to see some evidence of activity picking up again. The most recent data to 28th August shows Victoria coming off recent lows and all other states …read more

Weekly Payrolls Data shows QLD +0.9% m/m while VIC is down 1.5% m/m

The divergence between those states enjoying a better health outcomes and those not has become clearer with the release this morning of the ABS Weekly Payrolls data to July 25th (sourced from the ATO Single Touch Payroll system). While payrolls fell 0.1% m/m across Australia, QLD saw a 0.9% increase. …read more

Updated Google Mobility data

Last week we posted using the Google Mobility Data (Google LLC “Google COVID-19 Community Mobility Reports”. Accessed: 10/8/20) as a proxy for economic activity (see here for the full details). Google’s data has now been updated to 4th August so we have updated our two measures (‘Activity’ and ‘Economic Activity’). …read more

Google mobility data as a proxy for economic activity

Google have been providing data on their “Community Mobility Indexes” for some time  to help track the impacts of COVID-19 (you can get further details here). The indexes measure movement in six categories; Grocery & pharmacy Mobility trends for places like grocery markets, food warehouses, farmers markets, specialty food shops, …read more

Building Approvals continue to improve…but it’s all down to Victoria

Residential Building Approvals in February were up 19.9% m/m for a 5.8% decline over the year (seasonally adjusted). The less volatile Trend series showed a monthly increases of 1.0% for a decline of 2.5% over the year. While these are rather encouraging numbers (albeit from the pre-COVID-19 era) it should …read more

Slowing Chinese visitor growth sees short term visitor expansion at 7-year low

The ABS release of short term visitor data today for Nov 2019 shows that, as the number of visitors from China slows (or goes into decline) we are seeing total short term visitors numbers over the past 12 months slow to a rate not seen sice August 2012. Seasonally adjusted …read more

Short term arrivals and departures data points to further under-performance in QLD

As ABS Oct data shows Chinese visitations continuing to grow (+4.5% y/y) leading total short term arrivals higher (+3.1%), the State of Intended Stay data, when seen through the lens of the Conus Trend, shows Queensland (once again) underperforming against most other states. With total Trend short term visitations up …read more

Chinese arrivals’ growth improves but QLD slips further as State of Intended Stay

The ABS Arrivals and Departures data for Sept shows total short-term arrivals to Australia were up 4.0% y/y (Trend) to another new record high of 809,700. Arrivals from China, which had been fairly stable earlier in the year, have shown a return to good growth (+4.5% y/y), also to a …read more

Regional youth employment is a big issue in Queensland

Across the major states of Victoria, NSW and Queensland there is an interesting (and worrying) story centred on youth employment. Only in Victoria do we see Trend* employment growth in the youth cohort (15 to 24 year old) outstripping that of the state as a whole. While Victoria saw Trend …read more

Arrivals data onwards and upwards even as China slows

Short term arrivals data for July shows a 3.3% y/y increase (Trend) to a new record high just shy of 800,000. This despite the fact that arrivals from China (still the largest single market) have slowed dramatically and are up just 1.0% y/y. Even this modest rise takes Chinese arrivals …read more

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