Population growth in Cairns slows sharply

The ABS release of regional population estimates to June 2019 shows that growth in the Cairns SA4 region has slowed sharply to just 0.75% for the year. This is just half the rate of the Queensland Government’s own forecast (released in early 2019) which saw growth averaging 1.5% in Cairns up to 2041.

Queensland population growth to June 2019 stood at 1.70% while Townsville also remained weak at just 0.3%. {Please note the Townsville data has been corrected after an initial error]

Looking at our local data in more detail we see that Cairns-North saw the best growth (+1.51%) with Trinity Beach-Smithfield surging ahead, up 3.4% adding 523 new residents. Innisfail-Cassowary Coast was the slowest growing area within the region adding just 150 people at a rate of 0.42% (Tully, which includes Mission Beach and Cardwell, accounted for 134 of those new residents with growth at 1.2%).


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