March arrivals data looks horrible…and it’s only likely to get worse

The March Arrivals and Departures data from the ABS this morning, while looking horrible, is likely to be eclipsed by even more disturbing numbers in the future. March saw a decline of 59.9% in short term international arrivals from the same month a year ago Over the course of the …read more

Public Sector employment in Queensland fell last quarter; second quarter of annual declines

Despite some of commentary that still runs along the lines of “Queensland’s jobs growth is all down to the State Govt hiring“, the latest data from the ABS for the quarter to Feb shows that reality is actually quite the reverse, at least over the course of the past 18 …read more

Short term arrivals and departures data points to further under-performance in QLD

As ABS Oct data shows Chinese visitations continuing to grow (+4.5% y/y) leading total short term arrivals higher (+3.1%), the State of Intended Stay data, when seen through the lens of the Conus Trend, shows Queensland (once again) underperforming against most other states. With total Trend short term visitations up …read more

Diversity in regional economies in QLD and NSW

Last week at the launch of the Invest Cairns initiative from The Cairns Post and Advance Cairns the issue of economic diversity, and in particular the diversity of the Cairns economy, was a major topic of conversation. My presentation at the launch presented some clear evidence that the Cairns economy …read more

Chinese arrivals’ growth improves but QLD slips further as State of Intended Stay

The ABS Arrivals and Departures data for Sept shows total short-term arrivals to Australia were up 4.0% y/y (Trend) to another new record high of 809,700. Arrivals from China, which had been fairly stable earlier in the year, have shown a return to good growth (+4.5% y/y), also to a …read more

Regional youth employment is a big issue in Queensland

Across the major states of Victoria, NSW and Queensland there is an interesting (and worrying) story centred on youth employment. Only in Victoria do we see Trend* employment growth in the youth cohort (15 to 24 year old) outstripping that of the state as a whole. While Victoria saw Trend …read more

Arrivals data onwards and upwards even as China slows

Short term arrivals data for July shows a 3.3% y/y increase (Trend) to a new record high just shy of 800,000. This despite the fact that arrivals from China (still the largest single market) have slowed dramatically and are up just 1.0% y/y. Even this modest rise takes Chinese arrivals …read more

Youth unemployment and Brotherhood of St Laurence

The Brotherhood of St Laurence has released a report looking at the issue of high youth unemployment rates across the country (report here) The report paints a dismal picture of high levels of youth unemployment across the nation, although they use a simple 12 month moving average of the original …read more

New Conus SALM Trend data for NSW

Working from the Dept of Employment quarterly (unsmoothed original) Small Area Labour Market data we have recently added to our QLD Local Government Area Trend series by expanding to cover all the LGAs in NSW. For the quarter to Dec 2017 the highest level of Trend unemployment in NSW was …read more

Short term arrivals continue to grow; QLD continues to underperform

Today’s release of short term arrivals and departures data from the ABS for Dec show arrivals grew by 4% (seasonally adjusted) and 5.8% (Trend) on the same time a year ago. Growth from China continues to be strong, up 10.1% for the year (Trend). Short term departures of residents grew …read more

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