Why does Queensland’s unemployment rate look so high if the labour market is doing so well?

We have been highlighting for some time the fact that the Queensland labour market has benefitted from the positive health outcomes in the State (see here for the most recent October data). This analysis has not been universally agreed with and some commentators have pointed at alternative data sets, such …read more

Jobs roar back. QLD employment growth rate turns positive.

The October Labour Force survey data beat most expectations on the upside with an additional 178,800 employed for the month. This takes the annual rate of jobs loss to just 1.0%. With a strong pick-up in participation (from 64.9 to 65.8) we also see the headline unemployment rate lift to …read more

Youth in Greater Melbourne have been especially badly hit by the lock-down

The ABS regional labour force data released last week (when seen through the lens of the Conus Trend) allows us to see the significant impact that the Victoria, and particularly the Melbourne, lock-down have had on the youth cohort. Since March total employment in Victoria has fallen 218,800 (or 6.4%). …read more

Regional jobs data looking good in the North

Last week we noted that increases in participation across Queensland saw the headline unemployment rate lift despite some solid employment growth (see here for details). Today’s regional data, when seen through the lens of the Conus/CBC Staff Selection Trend data, allows us to see how that played out across the …read more

Pretty good jobs numbers for QLD; despite the headline unemployment rate moving higher again

Once again in Sept the ABS Labour Force data provides a complex and rather confusing picture. Across the nation employment fell slightly (down 29,500) which was somewhat better than had been expected. Despite a very small decline in the participation rate this saw the headline unemployment rate nudge back up …read more

It’s small business that’s taking the jobs hit

The weekly payrolls data from the ABS up to 19th Sept shows that it’s small businesses (fewer than 20 employees) which are suffering the highest job losses; a situation only likely to have been further exacerbated as the JobKeeper stimulus began to wind-back from the end of Sept. While total …read more

The effect of Melbourne’s lockdown on employment

As Melbourne’s lockdown starts to ease the August regional employment data released on Thursday (when seen through the lens of the Conus Trend) clearly shows us the impact the restrictions have had when compared to the Rest of Victoria. Trend employment in Greater Melbourne has fallen 163,000 since March, or …read more

Trend unemployment rates fall across the QLD regions

Today’s release by the ABS of the monthly regional labour force data for August allows us to update the Conus/CBC Staff Selection data-sets for the Queensland regions. The strong data at the national and State level reported last week (see here for details) was reflected in generally better results across …read more

August Labour Force data much stronger than had been expected

The ABS Labour Force data for August has shown an unexpected jump in the number employed (up 111,000 versus expectations of a 40,000 fall, and a 4,500 upward revision to the July data) and a fall in the unemployment rate to 6.8% (from 7.5%). Participation was slightly higher and the …read more

QLD Public Sector employment data

The QLD Govt last week finally released their Public Sector employment data for March 2020 (which is to be now a biannual rather than quarterly release); this is the first such release since the June 2019 quarter results. It shows FTE employment across the State increased by 1.7% for the …read more

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