Cairns and Townsville Trend employment report

For the fifth consecutive month Trend employment in Cairns lifted again in August (+600), although we remain 2.1% down from a year ago. The growth was split between full-time and part-time employment, although full-time employment is still down for the year. Once again most of the full-time gains came from …read more

Cairns adds to Trend employment again. Unemployment rate at just 4.8%

The July ABS Labour Force data released this morning allows us to update the Conus/CBC Staff Selection Regional Employment Trend data for all of Queensland’s regions. Despite the (seasonally adjusted) employment data at the State level showing a decline in employment of 6,200 for the month, Cairns managed to record …read more

QLD Public Service employment up 1.9% in year to Sept

The biannual QLD Public Service workforce statistics were released yesterday (presumably so that they were over-shadowed by the Budget update) and they show Public Service full-time-equivalent (FTE) employment up by 1.9% for the year to Sept. If we ignore the increases in Health and Education (as the Coaldrake Review suggests …read more

Not much change in Far North labour market in October

Despite large falls in employment nationally (and to a lesser degree in Queensland), the North of the State appears to have escaped relatively unscathed this month. The Conus/CBC Staff Selection Trend series shows trend employment in Cairns fell 400 (with all the losses coming from part-time positions) while Townsville added …read more

Building Approvals fall again in the North

Given the declines we saw in residential building approvals at both the national and State level last week (see here for details) it should come as no surprise to see a similar pattern emerge in the North. However, what today’s release by the ABS of more granular original regional data …read more

Trend employment dips in Cairns but in general the regions are doing well

September Labour Force data, released by the ABS this morning, allows us to update the Conus/CBC Staff Selection Trend series for the regions of Queensland. We see that while the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate across QLD is 4.9% (see details from last week) in Greater Brisbane it is 5.5% (Trend …read more

The surge in regional Building Approvals is waning

Data today from the ABS confirms that the recent slowdown in building approvals growth we have seen across Queensland (year/year increase in August down to +32% from +96% as recently as March) is being driven primarily by a slowdown in the regions. The August regional data from the ABS, when …read more

Trend employment in Cairns not being impacted by the tourism lock-out….yet

The ABS release of original regional labour force data today allows us to update the Conus/CBC Staff Selection Regional Employment series. This shows us that, despite the tourism slowdown caused by the NSW, Victoria and ACT lockdowns (and the resultant lock-out for the Cairns tourism sector), Trend employment in Cairns …read more

Another look at what’s driving participation rate changes in the QLD regions

We have updated our occasional look at the factors driving Participation Rate changes in the regions of Queensland for the latest data to July. Full details of the methodology used for this analysis can be found on a previous post. This latest analysis considers changes in PR since Jan 2019. …read more

The race is on to vaccinate the North

As I noted in my post last week (see here) it is vital, if the Far North is to survive over coming months and flourish ‘on the other side of COVID’, that we ensure a high level of vaccination to ensure visitors, and locals, can feel as safe as possible …read more

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