First look at the 2021 Census shows Cairns-North was the standout area for growth

The ABS has started its staged release of 2021 Census data this morning; we will see further releases throughout the rest of this year and into early 2023.

There is, obviously, an enormous range of data available from the Census so this first look we have focused on just two measures as they relate to the Cairns region; population and household income. The Census data is as at June 2021.

Across Australia population lifted 8.6% since 2016 to 25,422,788. Growth in Queensland was faster (+9.6%) to 5,156,138.

In the Cairns SA4 region growth was much slower (just 5.6%) although Cairns-North SA3 in particular was very strong (+9.7%), while Innisfail-Cassowary Coast SA3 managed just +1.7%.



Nationally Median Weekly Household Income grew by $308 (+21.4%) since 2016 to $1,746. Growth in Queensland was somewhat slower (+19.5%) to $1,675 and slower still in Cairns SA4 (+17.9%) to $1,445. However, here again there was a better performing area…this time Tabelands-Kuranda SA3 which saw incomes grow 20.6%, albeit from a much lower base, to $1,217. Household incomes in Cairns-North SA3, although only up 17.1% since 2016, are the highest in the region and are now $73 above the national average.

Further analysis of Census 2021 will follow in the coming days and weeks on our blog as we dig deeper into this rich source of data.

Median Weekly Household Income $

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