National Google Mobility slumps to lowest in 14 months. QLD leads the pack

The lockdowns in Greater Sydney, Victoria and South Australia have seen Google Mobility averages across Australia decline (for the 7-day average to 25th July) to their lowest level since 11th May last year. Queensland, where the most recent lockdown was short and sharp in late-June/early-July, now sits with the best …read more

Cairns Trend employment remains unchanged while Townsville adds another 900

The ABS original regional Labour Force data for June allows us to update our own Conus/CBC Staff Selection Regional Employment Trend & s.a. series. This shows that the solid growth in employment seen across the State (see here for details) last week is reflected in both Greater Brisbane and the …read more

JobSeekers fall again in June. Cairns Trend now down 25.0% y/y

The final data for JobSeekers from the Dept of Social Services for June was released this morning. It shows another decline across the nation to 1.1 million people who are receiving either JobSeeker or Youth Allowance (other) payments, a decline of 31% from a year ago. Queensland has also fallen …read more

Cairns powers ahead; Google Mobility data

In the face of lock-downs across the country earlier in the month (which continue in Sydney) Google Mobility data confirms that Cairns managed to escape relatively unscathed and, as a result, has opened up a significant gap with many other regions. There did appear to be a short-lived, and small …read more

Trend for arrivals into Cairns Airport remains strong

Data from Cairns Airport shows total passenger numbers dipped again slightly in June, although this is to be expected as May and June are seasonally weaker months for airport arrivals. The Conus derived Trend remains strong and is up 297% from a year earlier. While international passengers have essentially disappeared …read more

Regional Building Approvals ease

Having seen an easing in residential building approvals both nationally and at the State level reported last week it is no surprise to see the same trend playing out at the regional level in Queensland. ABS original data to May, when seen through the lens of the Conus Trend, sees …read more

Which industry sectors are responsible for QLD’s better Payrolls performance?

The ABS today released Payrolls data for the week to 19th June which showed Queensland’s performance was now 0.5 ppts better than the national average (103.9 versus 103.4). By considering the Payrolls data by Industry Sector and weighting this by the percentage of employment within each Industry Sector (from the …read more

Cairns Trend employment up; unemployment rate down

The ABS original regional labour force data yesterday has allowed us to update the Conus/CBC Staff Selection Trend Regional Employment Trend series for Queensland for May. What we see is strong growth across the State (as expected after last week’s release of the State data showed the unemployment rate falling …read more

Online Job Vacancies in the Far North surge

Data for May shows online job vacancies in the Far North have jumped again and are now up 102.6% for the year. However, despite solid improvements in JobSeeker numbers in the region, those registered at CentreLink remain elevated compared to the pre-COVID period. The vacancy numbers confirm what many on …read more

Jobseekers fall again in May

Continuing the trend that has been in place almost every month since the middle of last year, Jobseeker numbers for May have again dropped. Across the nation the number claiming JobSeeker or Youth Allowance (other) in May fell by about 44,000 from April (-3.7% m/m). Queensland saw a 9,200 decline …read more

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