It’s largely irrelevant now; but Feb Trend data shows Cairns employment strong before COVID-19 came along

The release by the ABS of their original regional labour force data for Feb allows us to update our Conus/CBC Staff Selection Regional Employment Trend data. What it shows is a very strong labour market in the Cairns region before the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak was felt. Whilst this …read more

Population growth in Cairns slows sharply

The ABS release of regional population estimates to June 2019 shows that growth in the Cairns SA4 region has slowed sharply to just 0.75% for the year. This is just half the rate of the Queensland Government’s own forecast (released in early 2019) which saw growth averaging 1.5% in Cairns …read more

Quarterly Labour Account provides an insight into which industries enjoyed the better 2019

Today’s release of the Dec 2019 Labour Account data series provides a wealth of information. One thing it allows us to do is take a  look at incomes across various industry sectors and how they have changed in the past 12 months. The data provides us, for each industry type, …read more

January regional labour force data provides some good news for the North

The release by the ABS of their original regional labour force data allows us to update the Conus/CBC Staff Selection Regional Employment Trend series for Queensland. While these January figures will have been collated prior to the full impact of the COVID-19 being felt they do at least provide some …read more

Business Count data shows the rise of the Uber driver

Yesterday saw the release by the ABS of their annual Business Count data which tells us the total number of businesses in the country. The data is available at national, state, SA2 and LGA level (with varying degrees of detail). For the year to June 2019 Australia added almost 62,500 …read more

SALM data gives us a look at the finer grain local detail

The release by the Dept of Employment of their Small Area Labour Market (SALM) data for the September 2019 quarter, when seen through the lens of the Conus Trend SALM series, gives us our only genuine look at the detail of the labour market at the finer grain level of …read more

How bad will the Chinese travel ban be for Cairns and TNQ?

As the government stops all Chinese visitors from entering the country in response to the coronavirus outbreak, economists are scrambling to try and work out the likely impact on the Australian economy from the hit to tourism and student expenditure. It’s clearly something of a guessing game but, as reported …read more

Trend employment growth in Cairns slows again as the regions struggle to keep up with Greater Brisbane

The release by the ABS of their Dec original regional labour force data allows us to update the Conus/CBC Staff Selection Regional Employment Trend data for Queensland. It shows us the Rest of QLD struggling to keep pace with Greater Brisbane; Trend employment growth in the Greater Brisbane area now …read more

TNQ’s falling market share getting some much needed attention

As regular readers will be aware, we have been highlighting TNQ’s declining share of the tourism market for many years so it’s encouraging to see the issue (finally) being addressed head-on by the region’s main tourism marketing arm, TTNQ. Over the past seven years TNQ’s share of Australia’s total tourism …read more

Domestic tourism provides solid boost to the Far North

The release this morning by Tourism Research Australia of the National and International Visitor Surveys for the Sept 2019 quarter (available here) will have provided some light relief for the tourism industry in our region; although the good news was restricted to the domestic sector. Across Australia total domestic visitor …read more

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