Internal Migration into Regional QLD strong in Q1

Data released this morning by the ABS shows that internal migration into Queensland added a net 7,000 people in the March quarter. This is down from the 17-year high seen in the previous quarter (net +9,763). Over the past 4 quarters Queensland has seen a net increase of 30,785 internal migrants; about 6,000 more than at the same time a year ago (or a 28% increase).

Of these 7,035 people in the quarter about 2,600 of them have ended up in Greater Brisbane while 4,400 have gone to the Regions. At the same time we’ve seenĀ  a net 700 people move from Greater Brisbane into Regional Queensland (this has historically tended to be a net flow the other way).

The internal migrants to Queensland have been primarily from NSW (net +3,800) and Victoria (net +2,900). Similarly, those migrating internally into Regional Queensland have included 2,300 net from NSW and another 2,100 net from Victoria. Within those 2 States the largest shift has been a net 1,500 people moving out of Greater Melbourne into the Queensland regions.

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