Queensland Treasury estimates for Gross State Product Q2 finally arrive

While the ABS produce Gross State Product data only on an annual basis (for the 2019/20 year they estimate Gross State Product in QLD fell 1.1%) we must rely on the quarterly estimates from QLD Treasury for the intermediate periods. With the QLD Budget having been delayed until last week …read more

Latest Conus modeling

The second quarter GDP release earlier this week (see here for details) allows us to update our Conus model for Australia, Queensland and the various LGAs in our region. Australia’s second quarter GDP fell by 7.0% q/q for a 6.3% y/y decline. Although we got data for the Queensland Q2 …read more

Second quarter GDP falls by 7.0% q/q; QLD domestic economy down 5.9% q/q

As was inevitable the Australian economy contracted by 7.0% q/q in the second quarter of the year (after a 0.3% q/q fall in Q1). This equates to a 6.3% year-on-year fall with the 2019/20 year showing a 0.2% decline after a 2.0% increase in 2018/19. Australia’s run of avoiding recessions …read more

QLD Gross State Product in Q1 fell 0.3%

Yesterday afternoon saw the Queensland Treasury release their estimate of Gross State Product for the March quarter. While the ABS provide estimates for the domestic side of the State’s economy each quarter (and we will see the Q2 data tomorrow along with the annual 2019/20 figure) we have to rely …read more

Cairns region has been in recession since the end of 2019

Yesterday’s national GDP data (see here for commentary) showed that Australia is in recession; first quarter GDP fell 0.3% qq and, as is abundantly clear, the second quarter data will show a further significant decline (our projection is for a 8.7% qq fall). This national data, combined with the recent …read more

Australia is in recession….Q1 GDP falls 0.3%

The release of the Q1 GDP data by the ABS this morning confirms what anyone already knows…Australia is in recession. Although we will not get the official numbers for the second quarter for another three months, it is clear that a three month shut-down from March will inevitably mean a …read more

Q4 Queensland Gross State Product shows the economy speeding up a touch at the end of 2019

While the ABS produce Gross State Product data only on an annual basis we must rely on the quarterly estimates from QLD Treasury for the intermediate periods. We’ll get the ABS estimates of State Final Demand for the first quarter 2020 tomorrow with the release of national GDP data, but …read more

Latest ABS COVID jobs data allows us to update our model

The ABS released their special bi-weekly jobs data today. It showed jobs falling by 6.9% in the month from 21st March in Australia; the decline was 6.1% in Queensland. The breakdown by industry showed; Accommodation & Food down 30.9%/27.9% (Aus/Qld) Arts & Recreation down 11.8%/11.2% Retail down 6.0%/6.1% Construction down …read more

Q4 GDP surprises on the upside. QLD still relying on the public sector

The fourth quarter GDP data released this morning was stronger than expectations, which along with upward revisions to past quarters saw the year-on-year number significantly better than had been hoped for. Seasonally adjusted GDP rose 0.5% q/q for a year-on-year increase of 2.2% (up from 1.8% in the previous quarter).   …read more

Business Investment declines stalling QLD growth

We will see the latest national accounts for the fourth quarter of 2019 released by the ABS on Wednesday morning, but in the meantime the Queensland Treasury released their own State Accounts data late last week for the third quarter. While the ABS produce State Final Demand (the domestic side …read more

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