Trend for arrivals into Cairns Airport remains strong

Data from Cairns Airport shows total passenger numbers dipped again slightly in June, although this is to be expected as May and June are seasonally weaker months for airport arrivals. The Conus derived Trend remains strong and is up 297% from a year earlier. While international passengers have essentially disappeared …read more

Domestic Tourism boom continues; we’re now above 2 years ago

The Monthly Snapshot domestic tourism data from TRA for April, released yesterday, shows how strongly this sector continues to perform. overnight Expenditures across Australia lifted to $8.16 bn and are now 6.5% higher than they were 2 years ago in April 2019 (even allowing for 3.8% growth in CPI over …read more

National Visitor Survey for March; the recovery underway

The National Visitor Survey for the March quarter adds some detail to our understanding of the domestic tourism scene which the monthly snapshot release has been unable to provide. It confirms that quarter-on-quarter domestic visitors are up 0.4% nationally with expenditures virtually unchanged. On a year/year basis visitor numbers are …read more

Domestic tourism continues to power ahead with QLD leading the way

Monthly snapshot data for March from Tourism Research Australia released this morning shows domestic tourism continuing to power ahead with expenditures up 58.3% from a year ago (to $6.04 bn). Queensland is leading the charge with expenditures up 88.5% (to $1.36 bn) while NSW (+67.6%) and Victoria (+34.7%) grew more …read more

Cairns Airport passenger numbers ease in May but the trend remains positive

The Cairns Airport total passenger numbers for May eased a touch from a seasonally very strong March and April (down 1.2% from April). However, as the chart below makes clear, the improving trend is very much in place with the Conus seasonally adjusted series showing a 11.1% increase for the …read more

Cairns adds employment despite the end of JobKeeper

With the JobKeeper support ending there had been concern that we would see a drop in employment levels in Cairns as businesses still suffering from the loss of international visitors had to let staff go. Although this is early days, and we have only one month of post-JobKeeper data to …read more

Google Mobility Index confirms that Cairns has been busy since Easter

The Google Mobility Index (which tracks Android phone users location data when opted-in) shows what much of the anecdotal evidence suggests; Cairns has been busy, especially since the start of the Easter holidays. While the national 7-day average sits 6.7% below its benchmark level from Jan 2020 and Queensland is …read more

Google Mobility and Airport data suggests Cairns performing strongly after Easter

The latest Google Mobility data (to 9th May) suggests that Cairns, in particular, has performed very strongly after the slow-down caused by ANZAC Day, Easter and a very wet period of weather a couple of weeks ago. The 7-day average mobility indicator for Cairns now sits at just 0.2% (and …read more

Domestic Tourism; expenditure to Feb fell 13% across Australia

Monthly snapshot data from Tourism Research Australia (see here) shows that domestic tourism expenditures fell 13.1% in the year to Feb across Australia. However, with the notable exception of regional QLD which saw a 6.2% reduction after some very strong data in previous months, regional areas in all States saw …read more

Pre-Easter data from Cairns Airport shows the improvement is ongoing

Data overnight from Cairns Airport shows total passenger numbers in March rebounded sharply after the weakness of the February data (as expected). The start of the Government’s discounted half-price tickets, and the Easter holidays, should see a sharp improvement again in the April data. While the 3-month average fell slightly …read more

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