Mobility in Cairns remains high as holiday highs continue

According to Google Mobility data people are still coming into Cairns in large numbers. The area saw a sharp move higher on the back of the Easter and school holidays and that boost is still largely intact. Compared to other tourism regions throughout the State Cairns is also doing very …read more

GDP recovery well on track Q1 +1.8% q/q

The first quarter GDP data released this morning was better than many had been expecting with a 1.8% q/q lift which (after some small upward revisions to previous quarters) takes us to 1.1% up from the same period a year ago. Over the past 4 quarters GDP remains down 2.4%. …read more

Cairns adds employment despite the end of JobKeeper

With the JobKeeper support ending there had been concern that we would see a drop in employment levels in Cairns as businesses still suffering from the loss of international visitors had to let staff go. Although this is early days, and we have only one month of post-JobKeeper data to …read more

What’s behind Queensland’s underperformance on Payrolls but overperformance on Labour Force?

The ABS monthly Labour Force Survey data for April showed employment in Queensland was up 7.8% from a year ago; far better than the Australian performance of +5.1%. Indeed employment growth in Queensland has been outpacing the national average every month since July last year. Yet the weekly Payrolls data …read more

Google Mobility Index confirms that Cairns has been busy since Easter

The Google Mobility Index (which tracks Android phone users location data when opted-in) shows what much of the anecdotal evidence suggests; Cairns has been busy, especially since the start of the Easter holidays. While the national 7-day average sits 6.7% below its benchmark level from Jan 2020 and Queensland is …read more

JobSeekers fall in April despite the end of JobKeeper, but there is a caveat

Data for April shows those receiving JobSeeker and Youth Allowance (other) payments fell by 9.2% from March (or about 120,000 people) despite JobKeeper ending. However, there is a caveat; the eligibility for two groups of people (those with partners earning more than $2,079.50 a fortnight, and those permanent residents who …read more

Employment up; Unemployment Rate down…what impact JobKeeper?

Employment in April fell by 30,600, although full-time positions were up 33,800. Despite the drop in total employment a sharp dip in Participation (to 66.0) saw the headline unemployment rate drop to 5.5% (after March was revised up to 5.7%). Year-on-year comparisons will look bizarre for the next few months …read more

Online Job Vacancies jump again to 12-year highs

The number of job vacancies being advertised online has jumped again in April, up 3.3% (seasonally adjusted) since March and now more than double where they sat a year ago, and at more than 12-year highs. In Queensland the seasonally adjusted data shows a slight decline in April (down 1.3%) …read more

The changing face of agriculture in Cairns

Agriculture is a major driver of the regional economy in the Cairns region. In the 2019-20 Financial Year the sector grew or reared over $1.1 billion of produce. The vast bulk of that comes in the form of sugar cane and bananas, which together account for about 70% of the …read more

Bananas lead a surge in Far Northern agricultural production

Data released today for the 2019-20 financial year shows the Cairns region saw a very strong increase from last year in the value of agricultural production on the back of a surge in bananas.  Across the nation the value of agricultural production increased just 0.4%, to $60.7 bn, with the …read more

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