Pre-Easter data from Cairns Airport shows the improvement is ongoing

Data overnight from Cairns Airport shows total passenger numbers in March rebounded sharply after the weakness of the February data (as expected). The start of the Government’s discounted half-price tickets, and the Easter holidays, should see a sharp improvement again in the April data. While the 3-month average fell slightly …read more

Domestic tourism in Regional Queensland leads the way

Tourism Research Australia today released their snapshot domestic tourism data for January, and it showed regional Queensland (indeed regional areas of all States) continuing to demonstrate what can only be described as a resurgent boom. For the year to January domestic tourism expenditure across Australia fell 16.4%; NSW was -13.0%, …read more

Cairns Google Mobility data suggests a strong start to Easter

The Google Mobility data allows us to see how various regions have been performing based on how much people have been moving around (with their mobile phones). The latest data up to 2nd April shows that Cairns has been doing particularly well and the 2-and-a-half day Brisbane lock-down appears to …read more

Building Approvals going gangbusters

Data from the ABS for residential building approvals in February confirms that the surge continues apace. Across the nation approvals are now up 20.1% y/y after a month-on-month bounce of 21.6%. House approvals are driving the national surge (up 57.9% y/y) while unit approvals remain 26.3% below their level of …read more

December National Visitor Survey confirms large fall in domestic tourism for 2020. TNQ loses $1.2 bn in expenditures

It will come as no surprise, but domestic tourism fell sharply during 2020! The Tourism Research Australia National Visitor Survey for the December quarter (released this morning) shows total (overnight and day trip) visitor numbers fell 38% for the year while expenditure was down 41%. Queensland fared slightly better with …read more

Population in the North underperforms

In the year to end June 2020 population in Australia was up 1.3%; with 41% of that increase coming from natural growth and the other 59% from external migration. In Queensland we saw growth of 1.6%; with 34% being accounted for by natural growth, 31% from internal migration and 35% …read more

It’s the Private, not Public, Sector driving Queensland’s better labour market performance

As we noted last week (see here), Queensland’s labour market has been performing relatively well during recent months with total employed up 1.3% in February from a year earlier (while nationwide that figure is unchanged). Inevitably, with the Queensland Government’s own Public Service employment data (data only up to Sept 2020) …read more

New monthly snapshot report for Cairns

We’re delighted to be involved in the launch of a new, free, monthly snapshot report focused on the Cairns economy. The Cairns Report will cover the employment, construction, tourism and real estate sectors as well as regular special topics. You can subscribe for free to be the first to receive …read more

Employment continues to slide in Cairns despite strength across the State

Last week we saw very strong employment growth across the nation and in Queensland. Today’s release of the original regional data allows us to see (through the lens of the Conus/CBC Staff Selection series) how this strength played out across Queensland. What we find is that most of the growth …read more

Stunning Feb labour force data shows Australia virtually back to pre-COVID levels

The February labour force data from the ABS shows a stunning surge in employment which has taken the number in work back to virtually the same level as a year ago, pre-COVID (actually -0.01% y/y). Employment jumped a thumping 88,700 (with full-time employment up 89,100) and while participation remained unchanged …read more

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