Q4 CAPEX will hit GDP. Forward estimate weak.

Today’s release of Private Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) for Q4 2013 shows a very sharp (and unexpected) slowdown from Q3. Seasonally adjusted data shows a contraction of 5.2% while the Trend estimate is a decline of 0.7%. Q3’s increase was revised down to +2.6% from +3.6%. The closely watched equipment, plant …read more

The tourism “turnaround”

Over the weekend Loose Change ran a post regarding Gavin King’s “tourism turnaround” using data from the ABS Short Term Arrivals and Departures data. The point Loose Change makes is indeed a valid one. As the graph below clearly shows, the share of international visitors that have been coming to QLD has …read more

Cairns Airport and the Cairns Post

After yesterday’s effort regarding “soaring” cost of living pressures (see our post here), today the Cairns Post reports “soaring” passenger numbers at Cairns Airport. Passenger numbers at Cairns have certainly been on a steady trend of growth (as has been well documented for some time by Loose Change; his latest on the airport …read more

QLD lagging in Retail Trade

Data released by the ABS this morning shows that Retail Trade grew, as expected, by 0.5% for the month in December. The final quarter of the year saw a 0.9% increase in volume terms. Both numbers support the contention that the Aussie consumer is slowly becoming less cautious and spending …read more

Cost of Living pressures “soar”…according to the Cairns Post

Not known for letting the facts ever get in the way of a good (?) story, the Cairns Post today runs an article which claims that families and young professionals are struggling to make ends meet as “living costs continue to soar”. The basis for this claim is their State of the …read more

Cost of Living Indexes

Today’s release by the ABS of the Cost of Living Indexes show clearly that, despite the pick-up in inflation seen in the 4th quarter (see our post here), the bulk of households are actually experiencing cost of living increases still well below 2%. The Cost of Living Indexes are designed to …read more

Surprise jump in Inflation puts focus back on rates

The markets have been surprised this morning by a sharp uptick in the rate of inflation. Headline CPI rose 0.8% in the final quarter of 2013 for an annual increase of 2.7% (up from 2.2% the previous quarter). The more closely followed “core” inflation of trimmed mean and weighted median …read more

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