The dangers of getting your dates wrong..and tourism data

Regular readers will know that we are in no way politically aligned but that we will take issue with “facts” being touted by pollies that are (at best) misleading. On Wednesday Minister for Tourism in QLD, Jann Stuckey, put out a press release spruiking the pick-up in QLD tourism data …read more

Detail on Cassowary Coast population data

Following on from this morning’s post on the latest ABS Regional Population data (see here) I have taken some time to look at the data for the Cassowary Coast in a little more detail. The data quoted in the first post relates to Local Government Areas and notes a decline …read more

Townsville leads growth in the North. Cassowary Coast goes backwards

The ABS has released regional population estimates (as of end June 2013) this morning which show Townsville as the stand-out growth winner in the North.Total population in Australia was estimated at 23.1 million, an increase of 407,000 (+1.8%) over the year to June 2013. QLD enjoyed the third fastest growth …read more

Building Approvals trend still strong. Local data also stronger

This morning’s release of building approvals data showed a sharp 5% decline m/m in the country as a whole (this still left the annual increase at 23.2%), as units fell sharply (-7.7%); houses also fell 2.1%. These are always highly volatile numbers so the Trend series is much preferred; this …read more

The “Fantastic 5”

Are you ready to catch the wave of the next “Fantastic 5”? A new Deloitte’s report (Positioning for Prosperity?…available here) identifies the five sectors that they estimate will overtake mining in the next 20 years and drive Australian growth. They are:-Gas – Agribusiness – Tourism – International Education – Wealth …read more

Cassowary Coast land valuations

The Valuer-General’s property market movement report (available here) has some comments to make on land valuations in the Cassowary Coast region (as well as other areas). … “The residential market in the Cassowary Coast has been variable throughout the region since the last annual valuation in 2012 with market movements in a …read more

Q4 CAPEX will hit GDP. Forward estimate weak.

Today’s release of Private Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) for Q4 2013 shows a very sharp (and unexpected) slowdown from Q3. Seasonally adjusted data shows a contraction of 5.2% while the Trend estimate is a decline of 0.7%. Q3’s increase was revised down to +2.6% from +3.6%. The closely watched equipment, plant …read more

The tourism “turnaround”

Over the weekend Loose Change ran a post regarding Gavin King’s “tourism turnaround” using data from the ABS Short Term Arrivals and Departures data. The point Loose Change makes is indeed a valid one. As the graph below clearly shows, the share of international visitors that have been coming to QLD has …read more

Cairns Airport and the Cairns Post

After yesterday’s effort regarding “soaring” cost of living pressures (see our post here), today the Cairns Post reports “soaring” passenger numbers at Cairns Airport. Passenger numbers at Cairns have certainly been on a steady trend of growth (as has been well documented for some time by Loose Change; his latest on the airport …read more

QLD lagging in Retail Trade

Data released by the ABS this morning shows that Retail Trade grew, as expected, by 0.5% for the month in December. The final quarter of the year saw a 0.9% increase in volume terms. Both numbers support the contention that the Aussie consumer is slowly becoming less cautious and spending …read more

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