TNQ’s falling market share getting some much needed attention

As regular readers will be aware, we have been highlighting TNQ’s declining share of the tourism market for many years so it’s encouraging to see the issue (finally) being addressed head-on by the region’s main tourism marketing arm, TTNQ. Over the past seven years TNQ’s share of Australia’s total tourism …read more

Population growth speeding up in the southern Cassowary Coast

After the impacts of TC Larry in 2006 and then TC Yasi in 2011 the Cassowary Coast has struggled to get its mojo back. Population growth was almost static, tourism took some years to recover and business confidence took a hit. However, more recently that appears to be shifting…at least …read more

What’s really going on with Cairns’ employment?

Readers of the Cairns Post this weekend might be justifiably confused about what is actually happening with employment in the region. Following the release by the ABS of regional labour force data on Thursday the Post ran a story on Friday talking about the fact that Cairns had “added 6,100 …read more

Pete talking Cairns employment and preparing your business for the storm season

Pete spoke to John MacKenzie on radio 4CA this morning about a couple of articles in The Cairns Post regarding employment in the region as well as preparing your business for the coming storm season. You can listen to the interview below.  

The Census and Cairns…less religious than your average Aussie

Today’s release of the 2016 Census data needs to be looked at carefully when considering the Cairns region. The de-amalgamation of Cairns Regional and Douglas Shire Councils in Jan 2014 makes comparison with the previous 2011 Census problematic. In order to make the comparisons we have added the Douglas Shire …read more

Pete on radio 4CA this morning talking regional jobs and “lifestylepreneurs”

Pete spoke to John MacKenzie on radio 4CA this morning about jobs in Cairns. They also touched on a presentation in Cairns this morning from well-known commentator Bernard Salt in which he highlighted Cairns opportunities in embracing the growing trend for what he calls “lifestylepreneurs”. I’ll be posting in more …read more

How to use and abuse statistics; a lesson from both LNP and ALP

My previous posts on the levels of youth unemployment in the Queensland regions has certainly created some interest. In a story in today’s Courier Mail both sides of the political divide have attempted to use the original, unadjusted ABS data on youth jobs to score points. As is too often …read more

TTNQ lagging 20% behind their international targets

An article in today’s Cairns Post talking about how a lower A$ was helping to boost Australian tourism (both international and domestic) spurred me to take a quick look at how tourism in the Tropical North was tracking against the goals outlined in TTNQ’s 2011-2015 Strategic Plan. The Plan targets …read more

Cairns trend unemployment rate; the confusion still reigns

Just after Christmas The Cairns Post ran an article highlighting the differences between our own Conus Trend and that calculated by Rick Carr at Herron Todd White, when we both came up with some significantly different numbers for the Nov data (see my post on the article here). Today sees …read more

Regional jobs data; Conus and HTW

While we were away over the Christmas break The Cairns Post ran a piece (see below) highlighting the differences between our own Conus Trend labour force data for the regions and the Trend data provided by Rick Carr from Herron Todd White. In actual fact Rick’s data and ours haven’t …read more

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