Proposed changes to NDRRA would hit QLD hard

One of the less discussed recommendations from the Commission of Audit is their recommendation number 41 related to disaster relief. The Commission recommends replacing the current Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA) with a Commonwealth grant for each disaster of between 25% and 33%. Under the current NDRRA arrangement …read more

QLD Renewal Program Achievements..unspun

Today saw the release by the QLD Premier’s Office the latest quarterly Renewal Program Achievements report for the first quarter of 2014 (although much data relates to the period up to Dec 2013). At first glance there appears to be much to celebrate with good news stories abounding in the …read more

Mixed bag from International Visitor Survey

Today saw the release of the Dec 2013 International Visitor Survey from Tourism Research Australia (available here). This has been delayed for almost 2 months due to a change in ABS methodology for data collection related to international visitors. The results are something of a mixed bag.Headline International Visitor numbers …read more

Strong jobs sees UR fall; QLD also looks better

After the surprise strength of last month’s jobs data, the markets were bracing for a disappointing set of jobs numbers this morning for the March data. In fact the result has once again surprised on the up-side with jobs up 18,100 (expectations had been for +2-7,000) and the headline unemployment …read more

The dangers of getting your dates wrong..and tourism data

Regular readers will know that we are in no way politically aligned but that we will take issue with “facts” being touted by pollies that are (at best) misleading. On Wednesday Minister for Tourism in QLD, Jann Stuckey, put out a press release spruiking the pick-up in QLD tourism data …read more

Building Approvals trend still strong. Local data also stronger

This morning’s release of building approvals data showed a sharp 5% decline m/m in the country as a whole (this still left the annual increase at 23.2%), as units fell sharply (-7.7%); houses also fell 2.1%. These are always highly volatile numbers so the Trend series is much preferred; this …read more

The tourism “turnaround”

Over the weekend Loose Change┬áran a post┬áregarding Gavin King’s “tourism turnaround” using data from the ABS Short Term Arrivals and Departures data. The point Loose Change makes is indeed a valid one. As the graph below clearly shows, the share of international visitors that have been coming to QLD has …read more

QLD lagging in Retail Trade

Data released by the ABS this morning shows that Retail Trade grew, as expected, by 0.5% for the month in December. The final quarter of the year saw a 0.9% increase in volume terms. Both numbers support the contention that the Aussie consumer is slowly becoming less cautious and spending …read more

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