Google data suggests things have started to improve again

After a period of stagnation in the Google Community Mobility data over recent weeks on the back of the Melbourne lock-down we are starting to see some evidence of activity picking up again. The most recent data to 28th August shows Victoria coming off recent lows and all other states also improving again.

Those states with better health outcomes, combined with loosening restrictions continue to perform better. NSW has also returned to its best levels in almost 2 months.

The second chart, which excludes the Parks and Residential indexes in an attempt to isolate more ‘economic’ indicators, shows Victoria’s economic activity remains very weak but has at least started to turn the corner. Within the QLD regions where sufficient data is available the disparity between those areas where tourism effects will be more muted (Ipswich and Mackay) are back to, or close to, pre-COVID levels of activity while Cairns and the Sunshine Coast remain around 10% below. The Gold Coast and Brisbane continue to lag although here too there is some (limited) signs that things might be starting to improve.

QLD’s better health outcomes mean its overall position, down about 11% from pre-COVID levels, is still only about half of the 22% national reduction.

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