Domestic Tourism in Regional Queensland still very strong

The latest domestic tourism expenditure snapshot data from Tourism Research Australia for June shows that the boom in domestic tourism, particularly across Regional Queensland, remains well in place.

The monthly snapshot expenditure data is no more granular than “Regional QLD” and “Greater Brisbane and Gold Coast”, so we cannot say precisely what this might mean for TNQ data. However, the most recent overnight domestic tourism for TNQ, which was for the March quarter, showed a 16% increase over the same quarter in 2020. The snapshot data for Regional Queensland over the same period registered a 10% increase.

We can therefore expect that, given the June quarter snapshot data for Regional Queensland is showing a 44% increase since June 2020, TNQ will have dome at least as well and in all likelihood substantially better.

While Regional Queensland registered a 44.4% increase since June 2020 the increases elsewhere were nowhere near as impressive.

  • Australia was up 11.2%
  • NSW rose just 1.2%
  • Victoria actually fell slightly (-0.7%)
  • Queensland was up 29.2% with Greater Brisbane and Gold Coast up just 10.9%

Regional Queensland accounts for 53% of the entire national increase in domestic tourism expenditure since June 2020. Is it any wonder that Cairns is so busy at the moment and getting a table in a CBD restaurant is such a struggle!


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