Domestic Tourism in TNQ hits new highs

Today’s release by Tourism Research Australia of the National Visitor Survey for the year to March 2022 confirms what those living up here have known for some time (and we’ve been writing about for the past two years); domestic tourism in the Far North has been going gangbusters!

Domestic tourism expenditure in the TNQ region hit a new record high of $3.26 bn (incl of overnight and day trips). If we compare results since the same period a year ago the scale of the North’s performance becomes clear.

In Australia domestic visitor numbers are up 12.7% with expenditure up a thumping 31.5%. Queensland has done even better with visitors increasing by 21.6% and expenditure up 37.6%. The results for TNQ are extraordinary; visitor numbers increased by 39.0% while expenditure has rocketed up by 76.8%.

Obviously this does not make up for the almost total loss of international visitors over the period; nevertheless total expenditure for the year to March 2022 ($3.35 bn) is down just 12.8% from the same period in 2019 while the same metric is down 32.5% across Australia and is down 23.5% in Queensland.

The most recent Google Mobility data suggests that Cairns has continued to do well into the second half of the year; particularly when we bear in mind that the very strong Easter period will not have shown up in this recent NVS release.

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