Another look at what’s driving participation rate changes in the QLD regions

We have updated our occasional look at the factors driving Participation Rate changes in the regions of Queensland for the latest data to July. Full details of the methodology used for this analysis can be found on a previous post.

This latest analysis considers changes in PR since Jan 2019.

We see that in most regions demographic shifts have caused declines in PR which have, in most case, been offset by gains primarily from increases due to higher female propensity to enter the labour force.

Brisbane West stands out as a particular case where propensity has risen sharply for both males and females resulting in a dramatically higher PR.

In our own area Townsville has seen a solid PR increase with (unusually) an increase caused by demographic shift as well as increased female propensity.

Cairns is one of only three regions where all four factors have been positive over this time period and PR has therefore lifted strongly.

Further analysis, including consideration of changes over different time-frames, and additional commentary are available by contacting me directly on or 0439 490088.

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