Online Job Vacancies jump again to 12-year highs

The number of job vacancies being advertised online has jumped again in April, up 3.3% (seasonally adjusted) since March and now more than double where they sat a year ago, and at more than 12-year highs.

In Queensland the seasonally adjusted data shows a slight decline in April (down 1.3%) but remains up 97% from a year ago. The Trend series now sits it highest level since Jan 2009.

In the Far North things have also improved strongly. The data, which at a regional level is only presented as a 3 month average and an Index of that average, is higher than it has been since November 2012. The Index shows a 3.3 ppt increase for the month and is up 58.2 ppt from a year earlier. When we calculate the Queensland index using a 3 month average and a base of May 2010 (see below) we see a 7.1 ppt increase in April from March and a 54.7 ppt increase from a year ago.

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