Domestic tourism; the Far North’s saviour for now

As we noted a few weeks ago when the National Visitor Survey results for the June quarter came out (see here for details), the Far North had done somewhat better (although with an almost 13% drop in visitor numbers ‘better’ is relative) than the nation as a whole.

Today we get the full International Visitor Survey results for the June quarter. As we would expect there has been a sharp fall in international visitor numbers through the year to June; across Australia visitor numbers fell 28% with expenditure down 25.3%. In Queensland visitors were down 28.3% and expenditure down 24.1%. Prior to the COVID-border closures we already knew that TNQ had been disproportionately impacted (see here for details) with international visitors from China virtually non-existent from the start of the year. This is reflected in the data to June which shows visitor numbers to TNQ down 33.1% and expenditure down 32.1%.

However, the better domestic performance for the region means that, when taken as a whole, total visitor expenditure in TNQ was down just 17.3% which is in-line with the fall across Queensland and a little better than the 18.3% decline nationally.

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