Domestic travel result good for TNQ but poor for QLD

Tourism Research Australia’s National Visitor Survey for the quarter to March 2014 was released today (and is available for download here). It shows domestic travellers for the year to March up 4.0% across the country with a 2.2% increase in those travelling on holiday (as opposed to business or visiting friends or relatives). The total number of domestic visitors now stands at 77.6 million (a new record high).
Queensland has fared much worse. Total visitor numbers fell by 1.8%, driven lower by a decline of 4.7% in holiday travel. This has seen QLD’s share of the domestic visitor market fall to 22.8% (the first time we have been below 23% in a decade).
However, TNQ has scored a very good result with a total increase of 5.8% with a sharp 10.4% jump in holiday visitors. TNQ’s share of the total domestic market remained stable at 2.1%.
The graph below shows, in a snapshot, the current state of play of the Australian visitor market.


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