Queensland Public Service employment details March 2022

The biannual report on the status of the Queensland Public Service workforce for March 2022 shows that Public Service headcount grew by 1.9% y/y and now represents 10.5% (its lowest level since March 2016) of the total number employed in the State. Over the course of the year total employment across Queensland grew by 170,000 while Public Service headcount increased by just shy of 9,000. The idea some seem to have that employment growth in Queensland has been driven by Public Service hiring is patent nonsense.

When we consider the FTE data we see growth was faster (+2.7% y/y) and exceeded population growth (est +1.1% y/y). Even when adjusting for Health and Education jobs (as the Govt prefers) FTE growth, at +2.1% y/y, was still well in excess of population. Health FTEs grew by 4.9% y/y while Education was up 0.3% y/y.

Since the ALP Government was elected in March 2015 annual growth in Public Service FTEs has been +2.6% pa while population growth has been +1.4% pa. However, when we strip out Health and Education the Public Service growth falls to just 1.1% pa. Over these 7 years Health FTEs have grown by 4.2% pa and Education 2.1% pa.

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