NSW, VIC and ACT lockdowns hit QLD tourism

Tourism Research Australia have just released their monthly snapshot domestic tourism data for August (see here) which clearly shows the effect of the lockdowns in NSW, Victoria and the ACT. Across the nation domestic tourism expenditure fell by 12.4% from a year earlier with a decline of almost 80% in NSW. For the full 12 months to August expenditures were up 10.1% from the same period in 2020.

Although Queensland has largely avoided lockdowns the impact on domestic tourism have nevertheless been felt sharply. Expenditure in August was down 21.9% from August 2020 although for the 12 month period it was still up 19.6%.

When we consider the breakdown across Queensland we see that the regions continue to outperform the SE of the state despite the effect of the lockdowns. Year on year data saw a 39.0% decline in Greater Brisbane & the Gold Coast and a fall of 15.4% across Regional Queensland. However, summing for the 12 month annual data we see Greater Brisbane & the Gold Coast up just 2.6% while Regional Queensland registered a very healthy 33.1% increase.

We do not expect to see this data show real signs of improvement until we get the November and December data (not released until next year) which should benefit from the opening of internal borders.

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