The past 12 months have been good ones for females in the Cairns labour market

Today’s regional labour force data, when seen through the lens of the Conus/CBC Staff Selection series, provides us with a picture of how well females in Cairns have done over the past 12 months compared to their male colleagues.


While Trend employment is up in Cairns by 3,500 that has all been from females (+3,900) while male employment is down (-400). Full-time positions are up 9,900 in Cairns since Sept 2020 but males have accounted for only 2,100 of those increases; females have added almost 8,000 full-time positions. Part-time employment is down 6,400 with the losses fairly evenly spread among the sexes; males down 3,700 and females down 2,800.


Across Cairns Trend unemployment has fallen by 2,700 over the year but almost all of that has been among females (down 2,400) with males only down 400. As a result the unemployment rate for males has fallen by just 0.4 ppts to 5.0% with females down 3.6 ppts to 3.3% (overall the Cairns Trend unemployment rate is down 2.0 ppts to 4.2%).

Labour Force

With participation having fallen by 0.7 ppts across Cairns in the year the Trend Labour Force is up just 800. However, participation among males is down 2.5 ppts and the male Labour Force has fallen 1,900; while for females participation is up 2.6 ppts and the female Labour Force has grown by 2,700.

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