Cairns powers ahead; Google Mobility data

In the face of lock-downs across the country earlier in the month (which continue in Sydney) Google Mobility data confirms that Cairns managed to escape relatively unscathed and, as a result, has opened up a significant gap with many other regions.

There did appear to be a short-lived, and small scale, dip as lock-downs were announced in Brisbane and, probably more relevantly, Townsville; but this quickly corrected. The ongoing restrictions in Sydney will inevitable have some effect in terms of cancelled holiday bookings. Although as anyone in the industry up here knows, Cairns relies more heavily on Melbourne than Sydney and the relaxing of Melbourne’s restrictions could largely offset the negatives from the Sydney situation. On a visit to Cairns last week it was clear that there were a large number of Melburnians escaping the cold (albeit to a rather wet Cairns!).

Cairns currently sits some 12.5% above the Queensland average and almost 20% above the national level.

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