Queensland notches up another positive jobs report

The ABS release of Labour Force data for July shows the Trend unemployment rate in Queensland stable at 6.3% having added 8,300 employed for the month (+27,000 seasonally adjusted) after June was also revised slightly higher. This is now the 9th straight month of Trend increases and pushes total employment gains over the past year to 64,000; of those increases just under a third have been full-time. The more volatile seasonally adjusted data shows the unemployment rate having fallen from 6.5% in June to 6.2% in July.

While Queensland has improved, the pace of that improvement still fails to match that seen at a National level. The nation added 27,900 (seasonally adjusted) or 26,000 (Trend) employed in July and saw the unemployment rate stable at 5.6% on both measures. Despite full-time positions falling in July over the course of the year the country has added 239,300 new employed with 197,700 (or 83%) of those full-time.

Regional labour force data will be released next week at which time we will be updating the Conus Trend Regional Jobs data series.

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