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Nick Behrens – Senior Assosciate

Nick specialises in economic analysis, research and advocacy and has over two decades of experience applying these skills in the real world for Queensland’s and Australia’s business community.  Across his professional career Nick has realised many outstanding outcomes to complex challenges for the business community.  He possesses significant experience in gathering and presenting information, and leveraging that information to achieve results across a range of areas including economic, taxation, regulatory environment, workers compensation, employment legislation, population, infrastructure and planning issues.

  • Exceptional understanding of social, political and economic issues impacting on business and the economy
  • Considerable real-world application of project, business and economic research and analysis
  • Significant expertise in advocacy, including government and stakeholder relations

Nick’s representations are based on extensive research and his preferred approach to economic analysis, research and advocacy is to achieve results by working with stakeholders behind the scenes to secure positive and lasting outcomes.  He places much emphasis on having a thorough and convincing evidence that is readily understood and in turn leads to real world application and solutions.

  • Director: Queensland Economic Advocay Solutions (QEAS)
  • Past Member: Red Tape Reduction Advisory Council
  • Past Member: 2018 Commonwealth Games Legacy Committee
  • Past Chair: Office of Fair and Safe Work Queensland Manufacturing ISSC
  • Past Member: Office of State Revenue’s Taxation Consultation Committee
  • Past Member: Queensland Small Business Advisory Council
  • Past Member: Ministerial Waste Strategy Forum
  • Past Member: Minister’s Energy Customer Advisory Committee
  • Past Member: Premier’s Business Advisory Forum

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