Public Sector employment picks up in Queensland

Data for the May 2023 quarter shows that while Public Sector employment across the nation has remained relatively static over recent quarters, here in Queensland there has been a distinct move up.

Since August 2014 Public Sector employment across Australia has grown by 37.8%, far outstripping the Private Sector which has managed just 19.3% over the same period. However, when we consider things since the start of the COVID pandemic a very different picture emerges. Public Sector employment since Feb 2020 has been virtually static (actually it’s declined by slightly less than 0.1%) while the Private Sector has grown by 9.6%.

In Queensland things have played out quite differently. Since Aug 2014 Public Sector employment in Queensland has grown by 56.5% while the Private Sector is up just 17.7%; a far greater difference than at the national level. In addition, since Feb 2020 Queensland’s Public Sector employment is up 18% while the Private Sector has increased (+9.4%) in line with the national rate.

Queensland’s Public Sector has once again grown to be larger than that in Victoria despite having a population of just 80% of Victoria’s. Certainly, part of the reason why the Public Sector in Queensland would need to be larger than a comparable in Victoria is due to the far more decentralised nature of the Sunshine State, but the relative change in the past two years has been dramatic.

As a result, Queensland’s Public Sector has expanded to now represent 15.9% of total employment in the state; the same measure is just 14.0% at the national level.

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