Google Mobility and Airport data suggests Cairns performing strongly after Easter

The latest Google Mobility data (to 9th May) suggests that Cairns, in particular, has performed very strongly after the slow-down caused by ANZAC Day, Easter and a very wet period of weather a couple of weeks ago.

The 7-day average mobility indicator for Cairns now sits at just 0.2% (and will improve very sharply in coming days as the effects of the ANZAC Day Public Holiday drop out of the calculation) below the Feb 2020 baseline. This is well above both State and National performance and suggests a strong domestic tourism outcome during the holiday period.

All of this is confirmed by some excellent results for April from Cairns Airport. Passenger numbers surged in April up 2,440% y/y (and up to almost the same level as Feb 2020), although they are still 33% below the level of April 2019. The domestic tourism recovery is clearly well under way but with virtually zero international passengers the Airport is still operating well below pre-pandemic levels.

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