JobSeekers data continues to improve….

We’ve been away for a few days…’s a hint as to what we’ve been doing…..

…so have only today been able to look at the latest JobSeeker data for September which was released last week.

Jobseekers across the nation fell by 3.6% for the month and are now down to their lowest level since April. If we compare the September data to the numbers in March we see a 76.7% increase (although this needs to be seen in light of the change to the way ‘jobseekers’ are measured pre and post-March 2020…see the note at the end of this post for more details).

In Queensland JobSeekers were down 3.7% for the month and are now up 67.5% since March.

In Cairns, although the monthly decline was slightly less (down 3.5% m/m) JobSeekers are now up ‘only’ 51.7% since March. In Townsville the increase since March is an even better 44.8%.

With such volatility in the underlying data-set the seasonally adjusted (and particularly the Trend) series has struggled to provide any meaningful insight, but that will start to change as a more stable environment persists.

The Conus/CBC Staff Selection Regional JobSeeker Trend & s.a. for Queensland is available for download below. Please feel free to use this data but kindly acknowledge Conus/CBC Staff Selection when you do so.

Conus/CBC Staff Selection Regional JobSeeker Trend & s.a. QLD – Sept 2020



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