ABS data shows State Public Sector employees in QLD grew slower than national average in 2018/19

Data released today by the ABS for Public Sector employment shows that State government employed workers in QLD grew at a rate below that seen nationally in the year to 2018/19, although growth over the past 5 years is running well ahead of the national average.

2018/19 Commonwealth State Local Total
chg % y/y chg % y/y chg % y/y chg % y/y
NSW -1.1 +2.5 +6.1 +2.5
VIC +3.4 +4.5 +4.0 +4.3
QLD -3.1 +3.1 +0.9 +2.4
SA -4.8 +5.3 -1.8 +3.7
WA +0.8 +2.3 +3.6 +2.3
AUS +0.6 +3.3 +3.4 +3.0

Across the nation, total public sector employees grew by 3.0% in the year to 2018/19 while in QLD the increase was 2.4%. State Government employees grew 3.1% in QLD versus an increase of 3.3% across the country. The total number of public sector employees across the country exceeded 2 million in 2018/19 for the first time (2,046,000).

When the increases over the past 5 years are considered we see a national increase of 7.3% with QLD much higher (and second only to VIC) at 12.1%. State Government employees across the nation are up 9.3% since 2013/14 but in QLD that figure jumps to 14.5% (again, second only to VIC at 16.1%)

When looking at particular sectors (where data is only provided on a national basis) Public Admin & Safety, Education & Training and Healthcare & Social Assistance make up 89% of all employees across the three government sectors. Together these three sectors saw an increase of 3.4% for the year and 9.6% over the past 5 years.

Note, as the ABS say…”The estimates in this release may differ from other available information due to differences in coverage and/or the classification of organisations.” For example, the latest Queensland Government release of Public Sector Workforce data to June 2019 estimated the increase in State employee at just 2.1% (see here for details)

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