Wages growth shows QLD lagging with Public sector doing worse in medium term

Data released by the ABS today for the Sept 2016 quarter shows wages growth across the economy in Australia was +2.0% for the year. Private sector growth stood at +1.9% while the Public sector did better at 2.3%. (all figures relate to ABS original series to allow for comparison to State data which is only produced on an original, unadjusted basis)

In Queensland things were slightly weaker with total growth at just 1.9%; Private sector jobs saw an increase of 1.8% while the Public sector was up by 2.3%.

We’ve taken a look at the data over the past five years (i.e. since Sept 2011) and what this shows is wages up by 13.8% across the nation. The Private sector has grown 13.5% while Public sector wages are up 14.6%.

In Queensland over the same period the total increase is 13.0%. But what is perhaps more surprising is that the Public sector have done worse (+12.3%) than the Private sector (+13.3%), unlike the position across the nation.

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