More bad tourism news for Queensland

The release by Tourism Research Australia today of the National Visitor Survey for the second quarter 2014 (available here) is yet more bad news for Queensland. Nationwide domestic overnight visits were up 5.1% from a year ago (although expenditure only increased by 3.6%..barely keeping pace with inflation), but to Queensland they were up just 0.6% (with expenditure actually falling 2.1%).

In TNQ, in a change from the previous report (see our commentary here), things were weaker still with overnight visits falling 1.2% to just 1,626,000. Expenditure fell by 0.7%. The result sees TNQ’s share of the domestic market fall to its lowest level since Dec 2012 (2.06%). Within QLD 2 regions stand out as seeing good increases in numbers; Townsville saw visitor numbers increase by 5.4% (although they remain less than 60% of the number coming to TNQ) and the Whitsundays which saw a 4.7% increase.

The big winners nationally were Victoria, which saw visits increase by 9.5% and WA where expenditure rose by 14.8%.

UPDATE: More commentary on the weakness in the Queensland data from Gene Tunny at Queensland Economy Watch today.


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