Another look at those QLD jobs numbers

Yesterday saw plenty of commentary about the poor jobs numbers (see our own piece here). In particular we, and others, highlighted the weakness in the QLD data (see here).

Predictably today has seen something of a rush to defend the record from the State Government. This article sums up the kind of thing. To be fair to Tim Nicholls he acknowledges the weakness and makes mention of the volatility of the seasonally adjusted data (although that never seems to be a problem when the volatility is in the right direction!). He also makes mention of the fact that “more than half the jobs created in Australia in the last 12 months are still being created here in Queensland“. That’s true, but as we pointed out yesterday, in QLD’s case this is all down to part-time work, and things are looking very different if we consider the data more recently.

What the chart below makes clear is that in the first 7 months of this year QLD has accounted for just 22.2% of all new jobs (which still puts us in 2nd place). It is also clear that all of those came in one month (February) when part-time jobs in QLD jumped 30,100. Since Feb job creation has almost ground to a halt in QLD (actually total jobs up 6,700) despite the working age population rising over 31,200 in that time. 2014 has been a torrid year so far for jobs in QLD and the State Government will be desperate to see that situation start to turn-around before the State elections early next year.


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