Conus Trend Regional Jobs data for NSW now available

We have today released the Conus Trend Regional Jobs data for NSW. The full data-set is available for download below (and on our Reports page with all our other Trend data). Please feel free to use the data (for non-commercial purposes) but we would appreciate you acknowledging Conus when you do so.

Conus Trend Regional Jobs NSW – April 2017

The data shows Coffs Harbour-Grafton with the State’s highest level of Trend unemployment at 9.0%, while Sydney’s Northern Beaches came in with the lowest at just 1.5%.

NSW and Victoria added to the Conus Trend Regional Jobs database

For some time we have been working to expand our Conus Trend Regional Jobs database and are pleased to announce that we now have our full Conus Trend data available for NSW and Victoria to add to our previous QLD data.

Following future ABS Regional Labour Force data releases we will be working to get the QLD data set prepared and available first and then the NSW and Victoria in the days after the release. All three sets of data will be available for download for non-commercial use on our Reports page, and we would ask that you acknowledge Conus when you utilise this data. The latest data for NSW and Victoria (relating to the Sept 2016 data) are both also available for download below.

Conus Trend NSW Regional Jobs – Sept 2016

Conus Trend VIC Regional Jobs – Sept 2016