QLD industry sectors in past 10 and 5 years

I love the charting that my friends at CCIQ have done previously looking at the relative scale (in Gross Value Added and employment terms) of the various industry sectors in Queensland. The Conus Trend Industry Jobs data has been one of the inputs used so, with some help from the CCIQ Economist Stephen Gosarevski, I’ve updated the charts with the latest available Conus Trend Industry Jobs data for November 2017. The first chart shows the change over the decade from 2007-2017  in terms of relative size (circle radius is relative GVA, while y-axis is number employed) and compound annual growth rates (x-axis).

We can see that the start performer for the decade has been the Health Care sector which is not only the top employing sector but also has enjoyed the fastest growth rate. Manufacturing is the only sector that has seen negative growth over the decade

The second chart shows the same data but for the five year period from 2012-2017. Here we see two more sectors join Manufacturing that have contracted over the period (Construction and Agriculture) while Mining has been the best growth performer.

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