Focus on youth jobs

Our recent posts on youth unemployment (see here for an example) have certainly created some interest. John McCarthy from the Courier Mail spoke to me on Sunday which resulted in an article in the paper on Monday, which was also picked up by The Cairns Post; it quoted extensively from our work on the Conus Trend data series for young, middle and older aged cohorts. That was followed by John Mackenzie from 4CA in Cairns interviewing me on the radio on Monday; which was in turn was followed up by an interview on Channel 7 Local News on Friday.

The interest in John’s original article also spurred radio 612 ABC Brisbane to run an interview on the subject on Tuesday with Nick Behrens from CCIQ. Gene Tunny at Queensland Economy Watch has a piece on his blog outlining some of the points that Nick made on Tuesday which reiterate the same kind of sentiments I made on 7 News. It’s well past time that policy and legislation to address the real cause of so much youth unemployment across specific regions of the state were considered.

The regional labour force data for June will be released by the ABS on Thursday this week at which time we will be updating our Conus Trend series; expect the interest in this subject to continue for some time yet.

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