Great news for TNQ from the Intl Visitor Survey

This morning saw the release by Tourism Research Australia of the International Visitor Survey for the March 2016 quarter; and it’s good news all round as the tourism sector continues to benefit from a weaker A$. Full details available for download here.

At a national level international visitor numbers were up 8.8% to a new record high of 7.07 million. Expenditure rose by 17.0% while the average expenditure per visitor was up by 7.5% to $3,559.

In Queensland we saw even stronger visitor number growth (+10.1%) although the expenditure data was a little weaker (+14.8% total and +4.2% average per visitor). Nevertheless this saw the Sunshine State’s share of the international market increase to 34.2%, which is at its highest level since Dec 2013.

In our region TNQ saw stronger still visitor numbers (+11.1%) but average expenditure per visitor was up just 1.7%, in line with inflation. Visitor numbers to the region are now at their highest level since Dec 2007 and just over 4% below the highest levels ever seen.

The great numbers for TNQ come down largely to the continuing strength in the Chinese market which was up 29.8% for TNQ, but also to very solid growth from the US market where we saw 22.8% growth. Japan also registered good growth at +9.9%. All this has seen the region’s share of the international market gain some lost ground and at 11.7% is now at its best level since Sept 2013.



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