Full-time, Part-time Trend employment data for Cairns

For some time we have been meaning to take a closer look at the split between Full-time and Part-time Trend employment in the Cairns SA4 data; and today we’ve found the time to do it. (For details of Cairns and other QLD regions Conus Trend employment data see here).

We’ve used the ABS original regional labour market data since Oct 1998 for the Cairns SA4 region as the source for calculating a new Conus Trend series for both Full-time and Part-time employment. We’ve then made some minor adjustments to allow for consistency with the Conus Trend series for Cairns SA4 employment (which in turn has been slightly adjusted to allow for consistency with the ABS QLD Trend employment data). The result throws up some interesting insights.

Over the past 12 months Cairns Trend employment has fallen by 2,690. Of those losses 2,460 were from Full-time positions.

However, in the past 6 months (since Nov 2015) we have seen a marked shift in the make-up. Although Cairns Trend employment has fallen by 1,960 during that time, Full-time Trend employment has actually risen by 660 with over 2,600 Part-time jobs disappearing. Trend Part-time employment has fallen in each of the past 5 months.

Looking at the longer term we see a clear picture of Full-time jobs bearing the brunt of job losses. In the past 4 years Trend employment in Cairns has fallen by 4,640 with 3,980 of those losses in Full-time positions.

We’ll be updating the Cairns Full-time and Part-time Trend series each month when the ABS release regional labour market data.


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