Chinese arrivals growth accelerates again

The ABS have finally caught up with their Overseas Arrivals and Departures data with today’s release of the numbers for May just 5 days after we got the April data. Releases will now return to their normal monthly cycle.

What today’s data shows is that (when considered on the Trend basis) arrivals from China have accelerated again after something of a slowdown for most of 2014. In May the annual total of Chinese arriving into Australia was over 919,000 (Trend), or 20.1% higher than at the same time last year. China is now accounting for over 13% of all arrivals in the past 12 months.

On a seasonally adjusted basis total arrivals were actually down slightly in May (second consecutive month of falls) but the annual rate of growth remains at 6% while departures are growing at just over half that rate (3.1%). It would certainly seem that the weakness in the A$ seen over the past few years is starting to impact Aussies foreign travel plans.



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