National Regional Profile shows CCRC has fewer people, is getting older, building less and has fewer businesses

The ABS today released the National Regional Profile for the years 2009-13. This data, which covers a broad range of topics, is collected for Local Government Areas, and the Statistical Areas down to SA2 level (Innisfail, Johnstone and Tully).

Some of the more relevant details for the Cassowary Coast since 2009 to the end 2013 are:-

  • resident population has fallen by 0.2% to 28,694 (we have already seen the estimates for 2014 which suggest a small increase from this level…see details here)
  • The median age in the CCRC has risen by 4.4% to 43.0 years
  • The number of registered businesses fell by 3.4% to 3,344
  • Building approvals fell by 49.4% to 78 (more recent data shows that this trend has reversed quite strongly throughout 2014 and into 2015…see details here)
  • The number of registered motor vehicles per 1,000 people rose by 4.5% to 814

When we consider some of the data in more detail we see that the population decline has been quite mixed across the area. In the Innisfail SA2 area it fell by 1.5% (to 9,528), in Johnstone SA2 it was up by 1.3% (to 7,825) while in Tully SA2 (which includes Tully, Cardwell and most of Mission Beach) it fell o.7% to 10,606.

Also of interest is that data (which is only for 2012) shows Protected Land in the CCRC accounted for 58.9% of all land area. This is the highest percentage in Queensland behind Cairns at 57.2%.

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