Arrivals data dips slightly in Nov but the trend upwards continues

Just a little over a week after we saw the release of the October data for short-term arrivals and departures (see here) we now have the November data as the ABS plays catch-up.

Today’s data shows arrivals down slightly from Oct but nevertheless still up 6.5% from the same time a year ago. When we consider the annual total for the past 12 months arrivals now sit 8.6% above where they were a year ago. China continues to be an important driver in this improvement (particularly relevant for the tourism industry in FNQ) with arrivals up 17.2% from a year ago and the annual total now 26.5% above the level at this time last year.

Departures also fell slightly for the month but remain 2.8% above the same time a year ago and the annual total is up 4.6%.



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