International Visitor Survey for Q4 delayed until June/July

The ABS has been having issues with the reporting of short term overseas arrivals and departures (OAD) data since the Sept 2014 released back in November last year. The problem has been caused “due to passenger card processing issues as announced by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).”

Earlier this week the ABS produced preliminary estimates for the Oct, Nov and Dec data, although without seeing the revisions that have inevitably been made to previous data they don’t seem to make much sense as stand-alone figures (we’ve therefore chosen not to comment on them). This delay in the OAD has had knock-on effects to the Tourism Research Australia International Visitor Survey for the Dec quarter. I’ve just been in touch with TRA in Canberra who have informed me that the IVS will now be delayed until “June/July” as TRA use the OAD data to benchmark their IVS numbers. Given the schedule that the ABS has announced for the progressive release of updated OAD data (with regular reporting not anticipated until early July with the May data) I would also expect to see delays to the Q1 IVS. The National Visitor Survey, which is unaffected by the changes, should be released on schedule next Wed

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