Domestic Tourism data poor for QLD and TNQ

After the disappointing International Visitor Survey results from last week (see here) the National Visitor Survey released today is no better (the full report is available for download here). While total overnight domestic visitors rose by 5% nationally they managed only a 2.5% increase in QLD and 1.4% in TNQ.

Once again the targets set by TTNQ for expenditure growth seem wildly optimistic given the results (see our recent commentary on this here). Over the course of the year to Sept 2014 domestic overnight visitor expenditure in TNQ has increased by just 2.9% to $1.79 bn. This means that expenditure is barely keeping pace with inflation and would seem to make the (newly revised, weaker) target of a $4.1 bn total expenditure by 2020 a very unlikely dream. To hit their 2020 target TTNQ will need to see expenditure grow at about 9% per annum for the next 6 years; a far cry from the present rate of about 4% across both international and domestic markets.

Tourism to TNQ, both international and domestic, continues to badly under-perform the rest of the nation (let alone State). This is a serious worry given the ongoing strength seen in the Chinese visitor market and the impact that this has had in the region; without it things would look very bad indeed! TTNQ and the State Government need to step up their game if they are to come anywhere close to meeting the targets they have set themselves. No amount of spinning of dodgy numbers from Minister Stuckey can disguise that fact any longer.


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