What the Chinese living in Australia think of Queensland

An interesting report from Tourism Research Australia on Chinese Resident Perceptions of Queensland was released yesterday. Loose Change has a handy precis of the main finding on his post.

What we found rather interesting, and a little strange, was that the #1 “preferred holiday destination in Queensland” for Chinese resident in Australia was the Gold Coast (79%) and yet the “preferred experience on holiday in Queensland” was to get back to nature (64%). I doubt that you would find many Aussies who would equate the Gold Coast with “getting back to nature”.

Also visiting the GBR was ranked as the #1 “activity preference” while on holiday in Queensland (86%) and yet only 55% listed TNQ as their preferred holiday destination.

It’s also worth reading this latest report in conjunction with the recent hotels.com Chinese International Travel Monitor, which we commented on back in July.

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